Arkefi Partners with Solus Group to Amplify Marketing Efforts and Expand Community Reach

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Solus Group, a collaboration that marks a new chapter for Arkefi. By uniting with Solus Group, known for its prowess in digital marketing within the fintech and blockchain sectors, we aim to broaden our reach and deepen our engagement within the crypto community. This partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing Arkefi’s visibility and connection with our audience, setting a foundation for future initiatives including the upcoming launch of our $RKFI token.

The Solus Group Advantage

Established in 2018 out of L’viv, Ukraine, Solus Group stands at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, particularly within the blockchain and fintech sectors. Their expertise in building vibrant communities and implementing strategies focused on growth makes them an excellent match for Arkefi’s goals for expansion. Solus Group has a history of turning blockchain ventures into leaders in their market, offering a wealth of potential for Arkefi.

Their approach combines creativity with analytical precision, aiming for real growth and a closely-knit community. Solus specializes in designing marketing plans that speak directly to target audiences, ensuring Arkefi’s message is clear and impactful. With a strong grasp on blockchain culture and consumer trends, Solus Group is equipped to help Arkefi not only achieve but surpass our ambitions, aiming for unparalleled success in the blockchain industry.

Collaborative Efforts for Broadened Engagement

Arkefi’s innovative approach to real-world asset (RWA) fractional ownership, offering unique investment opportunities in art, cars and collectibles, complements Solus Group’s strategic marketing expertise. Together, we’re focusing on key areas to magnify our impact:

  • KOLs Marketing Campaign: Leveraging Solus Group’s expertise, we plan to engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to significantly elevate community interaction and organic growth. This collaboration aims to enhance the authenticity and reach of our message across the crypto ecosystem.
  • Twitter Account Growth: Under Solus Group’s guidance, we are set to amplify our presence on Twitter, crafting content that resonates with our community and engages with the wider crypto conversation, thereby boosting our visibility and follower engagement.
  • Ambassador Program: The initiation of a comprehensive Ambassador Program aims to further cement Arkefi’s standing within the RWA community. Through strategic collaborations, educational efforts, and interactive events, we anticipate fostering a vibrant network of Arkefi advocates.

A Strategic Alliance for Growth

This partnership with Solus Group is a strategic move to amplify our efforts in connecting with our community and enhancing our market presence, It represents an important stride towards not only bolstering our current initiatives but also laying the groundwork for our future endeavors, including the $RKFI token.” – Mads, Founder and CEO of Arkefi.

Stay tuned for updates as we roll out our collaborative efforts with Solus Group. With this partnership, we’re not just planning for the immediate future but setting the stage for long-term success and connectivity with our audience.

About Solus:

SOLUS Group — an alliance of Web 3.0 degen-companies: experts in marketing, fundraising, and consulting for tier 1 Web 3.0 businesses. Tame the bull with Solus.


  • Investments raising
  • Strategic marketing & product consulting
  • Influence marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • B2B relations building

CLIENTS : 1inch Network, WhiteBIT, Hacken io, Trust Wallet, BingX, Waves, OORT, Nuklai, HyperGPT, Hackless, XDAO, Corite, Synesis One, LaborX, EMCD Pool, Human Protocol, 20+ more

VC PARTNERS : Syperscrypt, Longhash Ventures, Eden Block, Polygon Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, ApeTerminal, Alliance Block, Degen Associates, UF Ventures, 50+ more


  • Allocate — Invite-only degen network with best investment deals for KOLs.
  • DEGEN Associates — Invite-only degen network with best investment deals for VC/Angels.



SOLUS Group includes:

  • SOLUS Agency — Web 3.0 Marketing & Consulting Marketing Agency.
  • SOLUS Venture — IR advisory company for Web 3.0
  • MergeWave Capital — M&A and IR advisory company for IT/Fintech.
  • SOLUS.t Agency — Telegram marketing & consulting agency for Web 3.0/IT/Fintech.
  • — AI driven web 3.0 oriented SaaS for community management ( MVP stage )

About Arkefi: Arkefi is a pioneering platform that introduces a novel approach to financing art, cars, and collectibles through on-chain options, making high-value, non-bankable assets accessible and affordable for a broader audience. With its commitment to revolutionizing Real World Assets, Arkefi utilizes blockchain technology and expert tokenization to fractionalize these assets, allowing individuals to invest in them at a fraction of their conventional market value.

For more information on our asset valuation services or to explore investment opportunities, contact us at Join us at Arkefi, where art meets investment potential.

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