$RKFI Utility

A Commitment to Sustainability

Governance Power

Use XPs to voice your vote on Arkefi's pivotal decisions

Event Access

Gain entry to exclusive events and be part of the Arkefi inner circle

Emission Events

Participate and claim rewards, enhancing your Arkefi journey

Priority Access

Get a head start on new listings for strategic advantages

$RKFI Tokenomics

A Commitment to Sustainability

Discover the structured vesting schedule designed to maintain ecosystem integrity and long-term value


Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 15th Nov 2022 12:00 GMT
Public Sale Ends 14th Dec 2022 12:00 GMT
Total Token Supply 1.000,000,000

Vesting Schedule

Allocation Tokens Vesting
Seed 20M 15% at TGE then 3 months cliff then vesting over 12 months
Seed II 20M 10% at TGE then 2 months cliff then vesting over 12 months
Strategic/KOL 40M 10% at TGE then 1 month cliff then vesting over 12 months
Liquidity 40M 5% at TGE, then every month for 12 months
Public 30M 15% at TGE, then 25% every month for 3 months
Arkefi Option Fund 200M 5% monthly, starting at TGE
DAO 50M 3 month cliff, then every month for 24 months
Ecosystem 100M 7.50% (of which 23% is for liquidity) at TGE, then monthly for 18 months
Partners 50M 6 month cliff, then every month for 24 months
Advisory 100M 6 month cliff, then every month for 24 months
Team 100M 18 month cliff, then every month for 2 years
AllianceBlock 150M 10% monthly, starting at TGE
Marketing & Dev 100M 7.50% at TGE, then 1 month cliff the vesting over 24 months

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Phase 1
Phase 1 Launching Arkefi
  • Conceptualizing Fractional Option Financing.
  • Exploring Legal Landscape
  • Gathering Art-Specific Data
  • Preparing for Pilot Project
Phase 2
Phase 2 Token Launch
  • Expanding Art-Specific Data Gathering
  • AI-Based Valuation and Probabilistic Re-Sale Prices
  • Mapping Out Framework, Utility, and Governance of Token
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Tokenomics
  • Forming Strategic Partnerships
  • Launching Marketing and Community Engagement Initiatives
Phase 3
Phase 3 Insurance-Backed Warranties
  • Expanding Database to Include Cars
  • AI-Based Valuation for Investment Cars
  • True Value of Investment Cars
Phase 4
Phase 4 Securing Credit Facility
  • Participation as Investor in the Options
  • Expanding Database to Include Collectibles
  • Expanding Partnerships to Embed Our Solution


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