Buy-Back Option

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The buy-back options are designed to provide you with financial security and the potential for substantial returns. Whether the seller chooses to execute the buy-back or not, Arkefi ensures your investments remain in safe hands.

Executed Buy-Back

When the seller decides to repurchase the asset, the buy-back option is activated. This means you get your initial investment back, along with a predetermined return, credited directly to your wallet. With an expected ROI of at least 4% per year, you can watch your investments grow with peace of mind.

Non-Executed Buy-Back

In cases where the seller chooses not to repurchase the asset, you stand to benefit even more. The permanent ownership of the asset remains with the initial investors. Arkefi proceeds to sell the asset on the secondary market to maximize returns for its investors. This means you can potentially enjoy a remarkable ROI of 50% or more.



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