Step 4: Connect Your Wallet

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Connect your wallet with Arkefi, opening the doors to investing in real-world assets, providing you with tangible opportunities.

Here’s how to connect your wallet:

  1. Log in to your Arkefi account
  2. Navigate to the “Latest Offers” tab in the top navigation menu
  3. Select “No Wallet Connected” located at the bottom left corner
  4. Choose “MetaMask” from the list of supported wallets
  5. Select the MetaMask account you want to connect to your Arkefi account, then click on “Next”
  6. Click on “Connect” to establish the connection with your MetaMask account
  7. Provide a title for the newly added address, then click on “Confirm” to add it to your address list
  8. Your wallet is now successfully connected to your Arkefi account

Stay tuned for the upcoming availability of our iOS mobile app version.

Stay tuned for the upcoming availability of our Android mobile app version.