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$RKFI Coin emerges in the digital currency world, promising to revolutionize financial transactions and investments. Created by a team of blockchain and financial experts
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How does it work?

1. Available Asset

An owner of valuable artwork looks to liquidate/sell with the prospect of potentially buying it back within a set period of time.

2. Financing Request

Through Arkefi they can request financing at 50% of the artworks market value. The artwork’s worth is then evaluated through trusted institutions and once approved, is moved to our possession.

3. Fractionalization

A smart contract is constructed on the blockchain and is fractionalised into a set amount of fractions.

4. Asset Repurchased

When the seller decides to repurchase the asset, the buy-back option is activated. You get your initial investment back, along with a predetermined return, credited directly to your wallet. With an expected ROI of at least 4% per year.

5. Investment Return

If the original owner of the artwork buys back the piece within the allotted period, then each investor holding fractions of that asset will get a minimum return of 4% and max 6%.

Inflation Busters

The results of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index show

Swiss Security and Trust

In Switzerland, a hub for art, watch, car fairs, and blockchain innovation, we’ve witnessed growing demand for financing options for tangible assets. From major art brokers to leading financial institutions, there’s a need. We’re leveraging blockchain technology to democratize asset fractions, enabling individuals to profit from high-yield real-world assets securely.

Risk Management
We take care of risk and compliance headaches, so you don't have to.
Transaction Oversight
This includes transaction monitoring.
Merchant Verification and Reporting
Merchant KYC and all the necessary reporting are also part of our services.

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