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How does it work?

1. Available Asset

An owner of valuable artwork looks to liquidate/sell with the prospect of potentially buying it back within a set period of time.

2. Financing Request

Through Arkefi they can request financing at 50% of the artworks market value. The artwork’s worth is then evaluated through trusted institutions and once approved, is moved to our possession.

3. Fractionalization

A smart contract is constructed on the blockchain and is fractionalised into a set amount of fractions.

4. Asset Repurchased

When the seller decides to repurchase the asset, the buy-back option is activated. You get your initial investment back, along with a predetermined return, credited directly to your wallet. With an expected ROI of at least 4% per year.

5. Investment Return

If the original owner of the artwork buys back the piece within the allotted period, then each investor holding fractions of that asset will get a minimum return of 4% and max 6%.

Inflation Busters

The results of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index show

How is it designed to perform its functions?

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Swiss Security and Trust

In Switzerland, a hub for art, watch, car fairs, and blockchain innovation, we’ve witnessed growing demand for financing options for tangible assets. From major art brokers to leading financial institutions, there’s a need. We’re leveraging blockchain technology to democratize asset fractions, enabling individuals to profit from high-yield real-world assets securely.

Risk Management
We take care of risk and compliance headaches, so you don't have to.
Transaction Oversight
This includes transaction monitoring.
Merchant Verification and Reporting
Merchant KYC and all the necessary reporting are also part of our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we determine asset value?

Arkefi leverages its profound expertise and extensive knowledge to meticulously analyse millions of data points, encompassing risk assessment, value appreciation, and sell-through rates. This rigorous analysis provides us with comprehensive insights, enabling us to make well-informed decisions and deliver the best possible outcomes to investors.

Which types of assets can you purchase?

Arkefi offers a diverse range of high-quality assets for purchase. Before these assets become available on our platform, our team collaborates with third-party experts to conduct a rigorous due diligence. This process verifies the authenticity, quality, and condition of the assets, guaranteeing that only those meeting our stringent standards are offered for sale.

Where are assets stored?

Arkefi securely stores assets in bonded warehouses situated in Switzerland. These facilities provide an ideal environment for the long-term preservation of valuable assets and adhere to stringent security measures.

Why are there no images of the assets?

To maximize returns for investors, we refrain from displaying images of assets. This approach helps maintain their market freshness, preventing potential decreases in value. However, in some cases, we may arrange viewings for co-owners with the custodian’s consent, which may involve additional fees for logistics and security arrangements.

How can you invest using conventional currencies?

While we accept most wallets, we recommend using exchanges such as Kraken for fiat and cryptocurrency on/off boarding. Utilizing such exchanges eliminates credit card fees and can result in a higher return on investment.

What is the timeframe for the funding process, and what happens if the full investment amount is not reached?

The funding process has a one-month time limit, starting from the moment the investment opportunity is listed on our platform. If the required amount is not reached within this timeframe, all funds will be automatically returned to the investors.

What happens if a buy-back is not executed?

If a buy-back is not executed, ownership of the asset remains with the investors. Arkefi will proceed to sell the asset on the secondary market to secure the highest possible price, with a 10% commission applied upon a successful sale.