Embark on the #ArkefiChallenge: An 8-Week Journey of Discovery and Reward


Welcome to #ArkefiChallenge, where your enthusiasm for asset tokenization meets opportunity and reward. Prepare to embark on “The 8-Week #ArkefiChallenge,” a carefully crafted journey that offers you the chance to engage, learn, and win. Let the adventure begin!

Kick-off Your Quest

Navigate to the Arkefi campaign page on Zealy.io to begin your quest. This will be your control center where you sign up and track all your challenges. It’s simple to get started—just a click on ‘connect,’ on the Arkefi community page on Zealy.io and you’ll enter a realm of quests, each designed as a learning step towards earning points and potentially a share of a 1000 USDC prize.

Click on 'connect'
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Quests: More Than Meets the Eye

These quests aren’t just a list of tasks—they are your gateway to learning the art of turning real-world valuables into liquid digital assets. Whether a quick engagement or a deep dive, every quest is an opportunity to expand your horizons.

Engaging in Meaningful Dialogue

Our community thrives on conversation. By joining in, you help weave the rich tapestry of knowledge surrounding Arkefi and asset tokenization. It’s the quality of the dialogue that counts, sparking curiosity and encouraging further exploration.

Rise Through the Ranks

With each meaningful interaction, you’ll earn points that push you higher on our leaderboard. Keep your eye on the prize, and don’t forget to share your progress with #ArkefiChallenge—your journey can inspire the entire community.

Weekly Quests, Endless Opportunities

Be on the lookout for new challenges each week—stay engaged, and you might just find yourself among the top 10 contenders for the prize pool. Your contributions over these 8 weeks will enrich your understanding of the revolutionary world of asset tokenization.

The Do's and Don'ts of Community Engagement

As you participate in the #ArkefiChallenge, remember these key guidelines to ensure your interactions are constructive and rewarding:


  • Share your distinct insights and personal experiences.
  • Ask probing questions to unravel deeper meanings.
  • Provide valuable tips and detailed explanations.
  • Celebrate and uplift the community’s achievements.


  • Avoid spamming the conversation with irrelevant content.
  • Refrain from disseminating unverified or false information.
  • Practice respect for diverse opinions and perspectives.
  • Ensure complex topics remain clear but need to be more concise.

Celebrate Each Milestone

Broadcast every accomplishment with #ArkefiChallenge and let the world see the steps you’ve taken on this journey. Your story can motivate others to start their path of discovery and engagement.

Anticipate and Conquer

New quests await you every week, offering continuous opportunities for growth and triumph. Stay focused, aim for excellence, and track your progress—victory is for those who persist.

Are you prepared to tackle the #ArkefiChallenge? Click the link below, take the first step, and let’s navigate this exciting path together with Arkefi!

Start Your #ArkefiChallenge

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