Earn 1% Commission
with Picasso

Promote the ARKEFI platform and earn 1% of the artwork market value plus a recurring fee for any investments made through your community.

The ARKEFI Affiliate Program

Who Can Apply?

Crypto and blockchain communities, art and collectibles communities, social media influencers, niche blogs and websites, affiliate marketing networks, and referral programs are welcome!

Commission Scheme

Affiliates can earn 1% of the artwork market value and a recurring fee for any investments made through their referral link.


Affiliates will receive their commission payments on regular basis in cryptocurrency.

Promotional Material

Our promotional materials include email templates, landing pages, banner ads, and social media posts. Our affiliates can use these to promote ARKEFI and its unique investment platform.

The Advantages of Joining

Add to Your Income

Earn up to 1% of artwork market value and a recurring fee for any investments made through your community.

Become an Expert

Learn more about the world of art investment and share your knowledge with the world.

Collaborate with Investors and Influencers

Network with other affiliates and investors to help grow the ARKEFI community.

The Power of Tokenized Art Investment

Fractional Ownership

Investors can own a fraction of an artwork using our innovative platform.

Increase Efficiency

Tokenized art investment offers increased efficiency and transparency.

Greater Access

Tokenized art investment offers increased accessibility and affordability, making it an exciting opportunity for everyone.

Results-Driven Affiliate Program

Track Sales

Our sophisticated affiliate program platform helps you track sales generated by your community.

Performance Analysis

Our program platform provides detailed performance metrics analysis that helps us improve our affiliate program.

Increased Commissions

Our program platform allows to increase and pay commissions to our affiliates in a timely manner.

Joining is Easy!

Apply for Affiliate Status

Submit your application through our website to become an ARKEFI affiliate.

Get Your Referral Link

Receive your referral link once your affiliate status has been approved.

Share and Promote

Share your referral link via your social media platforms, family and friends to attract new investors.

Earn and Grow

Earn commissions on any token purchase made through your referral link and help grow the ARKEFI community.

Become a Successful Affiliate

The Future of Art Investments is Here!

Investor Benefits

Investors can own fractions of valuable artworks and receive seamless, secure transactions.

Art Market Advantages

Art market professionals enjoy seamless, secure transactions, great access to new investors, and the benefits of fractional ownership.

Growing Community

The ARKEFI community is growing, and it’s all thanks to our fantastic network of affiliates and investors!